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I believe that we CREATE! our lives, and that our purpose is to live JOYFULLY. I believe that creativity is a path to joy, and that everyone is creative. I invite you to be a part of my creative journey I’d love to be a part of yours.


The Beginning

Like so many of you, I learned to sew at home. I watched my mother make many of my sister and I’s school clothes. I made many of my own dresses for school dances, costumes for Halloween and even my high school prom gown. All of this led eventually to attending CalArts school of theater as a Costume Designer. I spent 15 or so years working in Los Angeles theaters with Center Theater Group and the Los Angeles Opera. I still have a passion for theater but the real thrill of the Los Angeles Opera was the opportunity to travel! The Opera took me all over the world to see productions. Milan, Geneva, Madrid, St Petersburg, Warsaw, Nice, to name just a few of my destinations.


“When we are busy doing what we love, who cares what everyone else is doing?”

— Lauretta Crites, Quilt artist


But, things change and after a while politics and personnel changes determined it was time to move on to the next chapter in life. It was about this time that I attended the Road to California quilt show and saw ART QUILTS for the 1st time. I was in rapture!!! I had no idea fabric could be used that way. I’d made several bed quilts and even hung a few small traditional quilts on the wall but this was something else altogether. The next year I scoured the Road to California catalog for art quilt classes and I was off and running.


The Middle

Many of you know me thru my vendor booth “A Couple of Old Broads” which I have run with my best friend Cindy Myers since 2014. It was so much fun to go to quilt shows all over the west and make money while we did it! I loved meeting so many of you in the booth and having the chance to teach thru my demos. At the same time I was beginning to Speak at Quilt Guilds and to teach workshops at the guilds, quilt shops and at some of the quilt shows. One of my quilts won a ribbon at Houston Festival and I went to the show that recognition earned me the opportunity to exhibit with the Dinner@8 group and allowed me to meet some fellow artists I am privileged to call friends.

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I am focusing on teaching and speaking at Guilds and quilt events such as Quilt Show Reno and The Houston Festival. I love interacting with creative souls and seeing people light up with the possibilities of applying the things they learn in my classes.